Monday, April 5, 2010

Wishing For More Steps

We got dinner at the Penn Brewery. They make excellent beer. They tend to mostly make lighter beers. Pilsners, wheat beers, IPA’s, and amber lagers are their thing. I drink almost exclusively stouts, porters, and occasionally barley wines. I don’t match my beers to my food. I drink dark beer with everything. I can drink lighter beers, I just prefer not to if it can be avoided. So I got a pilsner. Even a well-made pilsner tastes like fizzy sweat. This one wasn’t too bad. The food at this place is the real draw. The food is awesome and the portions are huge. The air was cool and bright, so we sat outside in the courtyard. The courtyard is nestled in an alcove between two buildings. It’s filled with long, picnic-style tables. Excellent ambiance, beautiful evening. I ate way too much and had two beers. It was great. There were lots of people coming, going, and eating. I didn’t pay much attention. When we were just about done, a woman and her man walked in. They both looked to be close to 40, but not quite. They weren’t too remarkable, except for the fact that she had the most incredible ass I’d ever seen in my life. It wasn’t too muscular, or too fat. It was the perfect balance of the two. There should have been a blue ribbon on it. That’s a difficult balance to hit. If a woman’s ass is too muscular it’s not quite right. If it’s too flat or flabby, it’s not right either. This ass looked like a perfect handful. It looked firm, heavy, round, and low-slung. She obviously wasn’t wearing any underwear. Strangely, she was wearing kakis. You don’t often see hot-looking asses in kakis. This one was an exception. They were skin-tight, like they had been airbrushed onto her. Spandex khakis, maybe? Is there such a thing? The shape of her ass was simply magnificent. Better than the food, beer, or combination of the two. I stopped chewing. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only man there gawking blatantly at this woman’s ass. I’m pretty sure every other straight man there was doing the same thing. I didn’t even make an attempt at subtlety. My whole head, neck and shoulders turned to watch her walk by. I didn’t feel too bad about being that obvious. When you parade around an ass like that in tight pants, it would seem apparent that you want it looked at. They must not have liked the picnic tables in the courtyard, because moments later they walked back past, into the building to go eat inside. She walked up the steps, and I watched again. It was even better this time. I only wished there were more steps.

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