Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Chileans

They were a married couple from Chile, attending Pitt as graduate students. We had found them online and the first time we met them in person was at a Starbucks inside a Barnes & Noble. That was the interview meeting. This would be their first time swinging. It wasn’t our first time but we were still very new to it and they would be our first experience with a couple. I don’t recall what their fields of study were but he had read some Nietzsche recently. At that point in time Nietzsche was my favorite writer. I was very well-versed in his work and excited to have an opportunity to show off my knowledge on the subject. So he and I talked about that a bit. The women got to know each other. At the end of the “interview” we all agreed to meet at their place in a week.

We found their apartment with minimal difficulty. It was in the city and very nice. When we arrived, they had music playing. It was some type of very South American-sounding music with lots of auxiliary percussion and horns. I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t classify it, as I know next to nothing about that genre of music. Unfortunately, we were still clinging to our Straight Edge convictions. They kept offering us different types of alcohol and we kept politely declining. We did try some very interesting little pastries they gave us. They explained that these things were as common as Twinkies in Chile. We all talked more. It was a little clumsy trying to get things moving. They hatched this strange idea that we should all dance, gradually disrobe, and then lapse into all the screwing. I was absolutely terrified at this suggestion - I don’t dance. I am, in fact, the clumsiest man on Earth. However, my fear of looking uncooperative was greater than my fear of dancing. So I danced. We all danced in their living room. It was kind of strange but not ineffective. They both danced much better than either one of us, which helped compensate for our awkwardness. Things got moving pretty smoothly from that point. The women went at it a bit and put on quite a show. We had actually just bought a new toy just for that purpose, a double dong. It was exciting to watch it used for its intended purpose. It was also undeniably humorous to watch these two women struggling with the logistics of using this awkward tool. The most amusing and totally unforeseen hurdle was the fact that the better half of the thing went up inside the woman with the weaker vaginal muscles. That was probably the evening’s high point. There was some light swapping after that and eventually everybody finished with their own mate.

Though the experience might have gone even more smoothly with the assistance of some alcohol, it basically went off without a hitch. It was gratifying to have our first experience with another couple. It felt good, and we were anxious for more. In retrospect, I’m not sure why we lost touch with the couple from Chile, but we did. They were excellent.

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