Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Secretary

They were very nice people, a married couple exactly our age. They were the second one that we had met for swinging. The first date went very well. He was about my height and build, but without the long hair. He was a hockey player (not pro), a bit of an ex-hippie, and a wonderfully friendly guy. His wife was gorgeous. She was tall and quite fit. Her hair was light brown and bobbed relatively short. She was really very beautiful, a classy beauty. Outside of these strange circumstances, she wouldn’t likely have had anything to do with me. Her job involved cancer research. If she wasn’t yet a doctor, she was very close to becoming one. It seemed like she was cut from very different fabric than me. She was one of those rare people who actually do something noble with their lives. Regardless, we all got along very well. As it turns out, their apartment was in a development where I used to work as a life guard, back in college. I remembered it well. The units were all very close, the walls were somewhat thin, and they had nosy neighbors. It wouldn’t likely be a good location for what we planned to do. So, when we made plans for the second date, we set it up at a nearby hotel.

The second date started at the hotel bar. My wife and I had finally abandoned our Straight Edge convictions. We all got buzzed pretty quickly and headed up to the room. Things got moving without much difficulty. The female portion of the couple had told us about her favorite movie, The Secretary. She was very into the dynamic between dominance and submission. I got the clear impression that she wanted to be dominated. Frankly, neither I nor my wife was sufficiently comfortable with the concept. I’m just not very domineering by nature. I think sex is best when it’s mutual and all parties participate equally. I don’t like to feel like I’m exploiting somebody. Regardless, we all started by undressing her. She enjoyed that, and her body was marvelous. She had tiny, firm breasts. Her box was shaved completely smooth, and it was surprisingly plump, given the rest of her being so lean. Next, the rest of us disrobed together, and my wife made first contact with her. The two women went at it for a while and it was really an incredible show. My wife was getting better and better at being with other women each time we were with one. As this new woman got more excited and closer to climax, her back turned bright red. It was a very strange and exciting thing. Not scratch marks. Not hives. Not a sunburn that I had previously failed to notice. Just bright red. Her husband and I both joined in the pile. As she twisted and fucked on her hands and knees, the length of her back turned brighter and brighter red. It was incredible. Whatever that is, you can’t fake it. It’s a clear indication that you’re doing something right. We all had a very good time, and sometime in the early morning we all left and went home.

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