Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Night in Montreal

Montreal is and was beautiful. It was night, chilly, and raining. We had been enjoying our vacation a great deal. We had lived on expensive food, art, and strip clubs for almost a week. We were just beginning to get good at it, though our vacation was almost over. Since it was going to be our last late night in Montreal, we decided to hit a strip club. It was a dive. Most of the strip clubs I’ve seen in Canada are dives. It must have something to do with the free price of admission. The girls weren’t very good. They weren’t in especially good shape and they really didn’t dance with much conviction. I didn’t believe them.

As a rule, the alcohol in strip clubs is terrible and expensive. There is always a two-drink minimum. That’s how they make their money. This place was no different. Still, I was getting buzzed and enjoying it. Just as I was resigning myself to the fact that our vacation was almost over and a buzz in a dive strip club was going to be the last breath of it…some drinks showed up. We hadn’t ordered them. They were screwdrivers. The girl delivering the drinks said, “The couple over there sent them.” My stomach dropped and I was afraid to turn around for fear of what I would see. We were definitely in the mood to pick up, but not sure what these people looked like. We’re both pessimists by nature, so we were apprehensive. We turned around to look. To our astonishment, they both looked good. They were both about 30, and smiled back at us with a wave. We went over to sit with them. They were Americans from New Hampshire. We thanked them for the drinks and talked for a bit. He was a photographer and I don’t recall what her profession was. We decided to hit another bar. The coolest bar in Montreal is Foufounes Electriques. If it’s not the coolest bar I’ve ever seen, it’s at least in the top five. We went there. It’s a great place to sit, talk, and drink. Magnificent ambiance.

The hour got late as we drank and retold stories about drinking and screwing. I don’t know when the bars close in Montreal, but sometime within an hour or two of midnight we followed them back to their hotel room on the other side of town. They didn’t have any more alcohol handy but none was necessary. Everybody was sufficiently lubricated. Things got moving pretty quickly. She was a beautiful woman, and looked very natural undressed. I don’t have any special preference for shaved or unshaved pussy. It seems like in recent times the trend towards very tightly groomed, if not completely shaven, pussy fur is the standard. I was shocked and thrilled to find this woman completely unshaven. I don’t necessarily have a fetish for that type of thing, but it was a welcome change of pace. I don’t think that I had seen one unshaven like that since I was in high school and I don’t think that I have since. It was very exciting, smelled incredible, and left me concerned that I might turn into a werewolf and tear her apart. They weren’t nervous or uncomfortable at all. That fact was surprising because this was their first time swinging or having any type of group sex. While I ate and fucked this woman, my wife sat astride her husband and rode him for quite a while beside us on the bed. We all behaved like dogs until about four am. We said goodbye and walked back to our hotel as the inebriation cleared.

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