Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taking It Easy

We resolved to take it easy last night. We failed. Actually, I failed. My wife didn’t. She stayed pretty straight. It’s hard when all your friends are bartenders. We came to that realization while out last night. Steve, Stephanie, Katie, Greg, the guy that looks like me at the Moose, and all the girls at Bites & Brews. It’s funny, but it’s not. There’s a new guy working at Bites & Brews. We know most of the girls who tend the bar there, but don’t know any of their names. When were closing out our tab last night, the new guy came over and said, “All the girls behind the bar think you’re the nicest customers ever.” We laughed and explained that we used to drink there often. We’re still there a good bit, but not as often now. After that, we hit the Lava Lounge with the intent of having just one beer each. Katie and Stephanie were both working there. Greg wasn’t working, but he was seated at the bar drinking. He likes to work both sides of the bar. He’s a champ. The booze started flowing freely. It’s hard to stop around friends. It’s easy to talk about applying the brakes, but sometimes you just have no desire to follow through.

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