Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jamie was a nice guy, very polite, tallish, skinny, and pale as a ghost. He was goth-y in the archetypal 1980s sense, walking around 20 years later. He had fake snap-on plastic fangs that fit over his real teeth. We found him online. My wife has a weird fetish for these types. I’m indifferent but he seemed like a good guy. So…fine, whatever, I’ve got no objections. Our first two swinging experiences had gone marginally well. We had had a third experience with the couple from Chile and a fourth with the other couple with the hockey player husband and doctor wife, which had gone much more smoothly and naturally than the first two had. Group sex is definitely easier when the participants’ genders are evenly balanced, but my confidence had grown a bit.

We got dinner with him and then went back to the hotel and started drinking. There was lots of drinking. At some point during the last year we had completely shed our fear of alcohol. We had vodka, 99 Bananas, and orange juice. My logic was that mixing these would produce a drink like a screwdriver with a hint of banana. Gourmet! It wasn’t. The drinks were kind of gross but we drank them anyway. Then the screwing started. There was lots of screwing. One of my wife’s favorite things on Earth is getting fucked by two men at once. That’s basically the point of all this. It’s fun to indulge her - one in each end. Nothing in the back door though. She hates that. She’ll tear your eyes out if you try that. So we each took an end. Switch. Repeat. Switch. Repeat. His dick was slightly shorter than mine, but also a little thicker. That seemed like a good trade-off. One complements the other. Each with our strengths, we made a good team. We screwed her silly. She loved it. When we were done, she was breathing pretty hard, and looked a little glassy-eyed. She was still so drunk that she couldn’t revel in her satisfaction for very long. She ran to the bathroom and puked, a lot. Whole buckets’ worth. Then she came out and apologized, as if it had ruined the experience for us. We chuckled. She slept it off. In the morning I assured her she had had a good time, though she had no recollection of what the three of us had done.

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