Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Last Man Standing

I know the last man standing. He is not me. The last man standing is not a hot-tempered man. He is not an especially violent or powerful man. The last man standing is resilient and indestructible. That’s the secret. He never kills. He lets time kill for him. He just outlives you. The last man standing knows how to mind his own business, pick his fights, and defend himself when necessary. He is not prodigious or possessed of genius. His accomplishment is one of duration. Upon sight of him, one cannot always identify the man who will be the last man standing. I know that he is not me, as I lack the temperament and endurance. The last man standing is not an especially brilliant artist, writer, thinker, lover or fighter. He is simply the least apt to die. That duration is his genius and his gift.

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