Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Show Opening

I had two large pieces in a group exhibition that opened last night. The gallery looked good. So did all of the work. I really appreciate having friends like the three people who run the Moxie. They’re great. My work never sells, but they hang it anyway. I love that. My friends who run the Boxheart are the same way. I’ve shown there a bunch of times, never made them a cent, and they keep inviting me back. I really do appreciate that. Anyhow, this particular show was the first one I had done in Pittsburgh in almost a year, and the first one I had done at the Moxie in almost two. The turnout was great. There were a lot more people than I anticipated. Not a single homeless, schizophrenic alcoholic in sight. I was the only one. Though most of my friends who promised to attend didn’t make it, a few did. Lots of cool people I’d never met before were there. So I met new people. I made some new friends. I drank. The Girl From Moscow turned out. It was wonderful to talk to her. She had been MIA for a while, and I was concerned that she had finally gotten fed up with my constant sexual advances. Apparently, she had finally broken up with Dipshit. Awesome news! That’s good to know, and I guess that explains her strange absence. I’m glad it wasn’t my fault. By the end of the opening, I was drunk. My wife drove us home.

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