Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sometimes I forget about the bone tumors strung throughout my skeleton like a building rigged with explosives. Sometimes they remind me that they’re still there. My favorite one is in the center of my left femur. If I put too much stress on my legs over an extended period of time, I occasionally develop a stress fracture. It’s not immediately apparent, but it eventually makes its presence known. It’s cumulative. Heavy squats, deadlifts, and excessive running do qualify as too much stress, as it turns out, though I often forget about that too. This morning, my favorite bone tumor reminded me that he was still there while I was driving. Suddenly it felt like there was electricity flowing through the bone in the center of my thigh. I nearly drove off the road. Abrupt, blinding pain really makes you feel alive. Strangely, it recedes much more gradually than it arises. The rest of the day it throbbed and smoldered, off and on. What’s strange is that I haven’t worked legs since Thursday and today is Monday. Friday would have been a more appropriate day for the pain to arrive. Regardless, I’m supposed to work legs tomorrow night and I’m hoping that I will be able to. I probably should let it heal, but the feeling of guilt and laziness that will result from the skipped leg workout will hurt worse than the fracture.

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