Thursday, May 20, 2010

August 7, 2008

When we awoke my wife was feeling much better, though we knew that it couldn’t possibly be over completely. We speculated at the causes, and determined that it must have had something to do with the steady intake of alcohol, perhaps all of the weed in Amsterdam, and the lack of water or fruit juice. Neither one of us had actually drunk much other than beer the past few days. As a result, my wife resolved not to drink any more beer that day. We went downstairs to the hotel’s free breakfast and ate well. They had plenty of orange and apple juice, though no cranberry. We got another bottle of water from the vending machine before leaving the hotel.

We resigned ourselves to the fact that our Brussels experience was kind of lame, and headed back to the train station. We took a different route back to it than we had initially taken when we arrived. Our gamble was rewarded as we found a lovely pocket of stores selling Belgian chocolates and beers. We bought a substantial volume of expensive chocolate and a small sampler of various excellent beers. Once back at the train station, we were excited to board our train and get the fuck out of Brussels.

Once we returned to Düsseldorf and back to my wife’s cousin’s apartment, my wife wanted to rest some more. Her cousin was still at work. So I sat and read. By the time I had finished Crime and Punishment, my wife was ready to head out into Düsseldorf for another evening of light shopping, gallery hopping and dinner.The last stop on our trip was going to be Berlin. We were headed there first thing Friday morning, and we’d be returning Saturday. Sunday morning our flight back to the States would be leaving. My wife’s cousin is very fond of Berlin, and decided to use half a vacation day on Friday to accompany us to Berlin.

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