Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking At Women

I was sitting over my coffee in a quaint little independent coffee shop. It was the kind of place that attracts a very liberal crowd of varying economic backgrounds. The crowd was a typical mix of people very deliberately trying to play the role of artist and/or intellectual. My wife had left the table to go to the ladies room. A good-looking woman walked past, and I took a good look. I don’t think she noticed. I was polite about it. The coffee and the view complimented each other wonderfully. The guy at the table opposite me seemed to notice though. He looked up from his coffee and book, and shot me a dirty glance through his wire-rimmed spectacles. It must be shitty to be too enlightened to ogle women. I never want to be so intellectual that I forget how to get a hard-on. Sure, people are people, but people are also objects. There’s nothing morally wrong with objectifying women, as long as you don’t forget that they’re people first and objects second. Everybody has to exist as an object in order to exist as a person. It is a simple fact of being. Existence precedes essence. There’s nothing wrong with reveling in what’s there. There’s nothing unintelligent or demeaning about admiring it. Asceticism is a value of religious zealots, not intellectuals. When my wife returned from the ladies room, I told her all about it. She laughed at me.

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