Monday, March 8, 2010


She’s like a boxer playing lots of defense. She’s got no interest in throwing punches. She just doesn’t want to get hit. She doesn’t want to “get burned.” Like I could burn anybody? I’m about as flammable as a wet blanket. I’m the opposite of getting burned. And besides, what kind of way is that to live your life? If you’re not hanging your heart out there in its entirety, what good are you doing anybody? A heart is an incredibly delicate thing. It’s tempting to close it up tight in self-defense. When you hold back, though, you compromise the quality of the person you present to the world. In eliminating the potential for injury, you also eliminate the potential for joyous embrace. I don’t always succeed in living up to my own ideals, but I do my best. I’d rather eat a jab, and land a devastating uppercut, than dance around the point.

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