Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleeping Badly – Part 3

In the deep hours of the night, everybody is awake. All have been shaken, and nobody remains asleep. We have all taken notice. We have all taken inventory. It’s a sad difficult state of affairs. This night will pass without another wink of sleep. This night has been kidnapped by scrutiny and unease. We sit in shitty nervous laughter, stewing in our insanity like a pair of piss-soaked pants. It feels like we’ll never sleep again. We’ll turn on all the lights, each one in the house, and each one out in the yard. We’re not celebrating. We’re not drunk. We just want to see what’s coming. Our incandescent light will penetrate as deeply out into the heart of the night as it can and still fall short. It won’t keep anything away. It will only clearly illuminate what’s coming to kill us.

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