Tuesday, May 18, 2010

August 5, 2008

We awoke without difficulty or hangovers, got dressed, and found our way down to the street. There were street-cleaners power-washing the streets. They moved slowly down the street and sidewalks, pushing a small wave of litter and fluids in front of them. Men with push brooms swept up the material that was missed by the street-cleaners. It felt good to be alive. I was proud of myself. I had had exactly enough fun. We had spent a night in Amsterdam, and I hadn’t done anything that could have potentially infected me with any diseases or otherwise gotten me killed. We still had loads of time to spend in Europe, and our spirits were high. Our hotel had a free breakfast buffet in the bar. We went down and ate our fill. Then we smoked a little more and went out into the streets to casually explore a bit more before heading back to the train station. We almost bought really bad touristy tee shirts and other goofy souvenirs, but did not. We did get one more pot brownie, which we shared before heading back to the train station.

Prior to the trip, some friends had warned us not to try to bring any drugs back from Amsterdam onto the train. On our way back to the station we realized that we had a surplus of weed and some herbal ecstasy capsules remaining. Given that I was raised Catholic, I have a very strong reflex that prevents me from wasting anything potentially useful. My wife wanted no part of any of the remaining material. She needed to stay straight to ensure that we successfully made it onto the correct train and found our way back to her cousin’s place. So I ate everything that we had left, which entailed just about a gram of weed and eight capsules of herbal ecstasy. It wasn’t unpleasant. When you eat weed it affects you more slowly and gently than when you smoke it, but for a longer period of time. It was a nice way to ride the train.

When we got back to Düsseldorf it was late afternoon. We dropped off all of our things in her cousin’s apartment and headed out. We didn’t have any really strong plans. We just went to walk around the shopping and drinking area. We weren’t licking our wounds, we were just gathering energy and strength for Brussels, Belgium. That was the next day’s destination.

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