Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get a Mop!

We were walking through Squirrel Hill. My wife wanted to have a look around a particular used clothing store, and I wanted a look around a used record store just a few stores down on the same street. About a block away from our destination, we noticed a large fire truck parked in front. We got closer. There was no fire, only disappointment. I did notice, though, that there was a great deal of water flowing out through the door of the storefront onto the street. No people rushing about. Whatever it was, it must not have been too urgent or dangerous. Nothing was sectioned off. No cops. We walked right between the fire truck and the store front. It’s a store that sells sexy womens’ undergarments. The image of racks of lacy womens’ panties standing above substantial flooding was quite funny. It reminded me of an old boss for whom I used to work, “T.” When he’d see a woman act excited in ordinary situations, he’d blurt out, “Get a mop!” When I saw the flooded store, I laughed out loud, because I imagined how happy that sight would have made him, and I could hear his catchphrase all over again in my head.

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