Thursday, April 8, 2010

Armpit Hair

Everybody, without exception, should shave their armpits. Armpit hair is disgusting on everybody, male and female. I fail to grasp how feminists find it empowering to let their armpit hair grow. Would it be empowering to not wipe one’s ass after a healthy bowel movement, or not brush one’s teeth after eating? I am not an excessively vain man, but I do shave my armpits. It's just good hygiene. It reduces odor dramatically, and there’s nothing empowering about human stench. That just sucks. The claim that such hair growth is natural, and that the act of shaving it is both unnatural and amounts to some sort of indication of self-hatred or sense of shame is utterly ridiculous. Wiping your ass after a bowel movement is unnatural, but it’s a great idea. Brushing your teeth, likewise. The practice of female armpit hair growing just seems like a misdirected conviction. There have got to be more effective, more compelling ways of moving forward an ideology.

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