Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dropping Weight

My weight fluctuates a little from the warmer months to the colder ones. Normally, in the winter I’m around 215. In the summer I’m normally down around 205. On my 6’ 2” frame, it doesn’t really make much difference. I lift year-round, but additionally run during the spring and summer. I also try to eat a bit more carefully when it’s warmer, as well. It’s to these things that I generally attribute the modest weight loss. Though normally, during the spring thaw, I get some sort of terrible flu, fever, cold, or other miscellaneous illness which results in an involuntary fast. This is generally very helpful in getting the ball rolling. A good illness is always good for those first three or four pounds of weight loss. Strangely, this year I didn’t get sick. All summer, my weight stuck around 212. Dieting and running didn’t matter. I attribute it to my lack of illness. Now it’s October, and I’ve quit running for the year. My want for the Blond has stressed me out, and taken my appetite, and I’ve lost eight pounds. At the gym this morning, I was 204. Still dropping, I hope. It’s amazing how a good fever can help trim you down, even if it comes a few months late, and even if it’s psychological rather than physical in nature.

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