Saturday, February 27, 2010

Almost Woke From My Nightmare

Within my nightmare, I dreamed that I had awoken from it. It was a dream inside a nightmare. I dreamed that I was everything that I was supposed to be. I had lived up to my potential. All was right in my world. Not the entire world, just mine. I dreamed that I did something meaningful for a living and that I didn’t hate my job. I wasn’t backed into a corner. I wasn’t responsible for, or to, other people. I wasn’t a coward. I dreamed there was no mountain of mundane tasks. In my dream you were there with me. We were friends. It was great. I dreamed that I didn’t worry. It all came very easily. There was no alienation or strangeness. I dreamed there was no mistrust, no misgivings. I dreamed that I could sleep through the night. In my dream nothing was broken, and nobody was sick. There were no tumors and no need to be strong.

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