Friday, January 29, 2010

The Natural State of Things

As it turns out, freedom is, in fact, free. Freedom is the natural state of things. Control (in the William Seward Burroughs sense) is the absence of freedom, and Control is only created and maintained through deliberate effort and violence. Freedom and Control are diametric opposites. Wars are fought not on your behalf, in defense of you or your freedoms, but over you by various conflicting manifestations of Control which want to have authority over you. Control needs more Control to sustain itself. Imagine a giant game of dodge ball where the losing team is absorbed by the winning team. Control perpetuates itself with numbers. Control only creates more of itself. Wars aren’t fought over sincere hatreds or disagreements, but over the human desire to force others to be as we want them to be: like us, or at least in accord with our wishes. Though a soldier may sincerely believe in the righteousness of his cause, and perhaps even correctly so, the simple act of fighting in the first place proliferates the dominance of Control, and thus creates more need for violent conflict. Control creates more of itself by creating more need for itself. Any form of violence whatsoever functions to reduce and confine freedom, not protect it. Moral correctness or incorrectness is entirely moot. Violence is not about morals. It’s about sustaining Control and diminishing freedom. The only way to promote Freedom is not to fight.

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