Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big American Yards

Big yards surround me where I live. Big yards that require big riding lawnmowers to cut them, sat upon by big asses wearing big pants with elastic waistbands. Big yards surrounding big houses with big driveways ending in big garages filled with big cars paid for with big loans. Big yards filled with big toys played with by big kids that will go to big colleges, but who will never really generate big ideas. Big yards occupied by big dogs, eating big bags of dog food, and taking big stinking shits in the big summer heat, underneath a big merciless sun. Big yards paid for by big jobs worked big distances away from those yards, driven to in the aforementioned big cars. Big yards surrounding big houses, maintained by big wives with big ankles, big sunglasses, and big hair styled with big curlers and big cans of hairspray. Big yards for big egos, big pressure, big stress and big debt, in a big vacuum. Big yards abound where I live, though I don’t have one. Mine is relatively modest, and overrun by weeds.

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