Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wife Swapping in State College

The night ran long and dirty. It was a hedonist marathon in a generic hotel in the middle of Pennsylvania. We had all just met in person for the first time about two hours earlier. The first order of business had been to get some dinner and booze in our bellies. The night was freezing fucking cold, and the four of us walked in tight proximity to try to conserve heat on our way between the hotel and the restaurant and back to the hotel again. Conversation was great. We all had a lot in common, similar convictions and values. The meal was wonderful too.

After all that we found ourselves back at the room. They had had the foresight to bring a CD player. We had the foresight to bring a few bottles of something. I can’t recall exactly what. David Bowie was playing, stories were exchanged, and things got moving pretty quickly. This woman loved to dance. She flitted all around the room in various states of undress. While removing the last bits of her clothes with my big clumsy hands I accidentally broke her belly-chain. She was a small, light woman, and I could flip and toss her around like a pizza. After the first round, we left my wife with her husband so they could be alone in the room. We walked out to the stairwell where we could talk alone and she could smoke. It was beautiful.

We returned and left the room at intervals a great deal that night. At one point we all just did it in one big pile. There were so many cigarettes, so much alcohol, and so much sex, in lots of combinations. We were running amok around the hotel. She was an irrepressible, mischievous, little nymph of a woman with a camera, innocently provoking and photo-documenting everything. I can still taste her strawberry-flavored Chap Stick.

The night was a hazy, golden thing. It was food for the soul. It revealed all of the magnificent potential for honest joy that life holds. She took the chip off my shoulder. Sometimes you can’t grasp just how miserable you have been until you see how happy you can be. There is no shame in happiness. It needs no moral justification, reason or explanation.

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