Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Job at a Big Ad Agency

There’s obviously something very important going on here. It’s good to know that you make a living doing something important. It’s good to be a pasty Caucasian in a cubicle, wearing a collared shirt, working from a laptop, dealing exclusively in the abstract and intangible. We’re living the dream, the pinnacle of corporate arrogance, delegating recklessly, circulating the money and not getting our hands dirty. Where am I now? Where do I want to be? I want to be staying on top, staying in the loop and protecting my interests. Because my interests are your interests and everybody’s fucking interested.

This is a brick in the foundation of the structure that supports us and our culture. Wholesome, hardworking, Protestant, American corporate culture. How’s that for impotence? How’s that for cancer? You work, and essentially live, to contribute to and benefit from this great entity. It is a collection of confused individuals with personal interests. Teams are for suckers. Upper management benefits from teams. The relationship between upper management and the teams below them is always parasitic. The teams contribute and upper management reaps. They will always extract their money from you, fake money, play money, soft money, make-believe money. It’s exponentially growing, endlessly inflating money. You will sit inside this monster and create data, information, filling up network space. All of this information will be totally non-referential, irrelevant, and without redeeming aesthetic value - servers and servers of it. All of it will be useless and irrelevant. Technology has served to facilitate the propagation and proliferation of useless, vacuous, poisonous information. All of it is crucial to the arrogant Caucasian orgy of money. American corporate culture is copious, ropey jets of financial jism, decorating the face of an underage prostitute. It is soulless work that contributes nothing to anybody but takes something from everybody. This is why I went to college?

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