Monday, August 17, 2009


If you work in advertising, the only course of action available to you which will yield sufficient penance for the damage you’ve done to humanity is to take your own life. It’s really the only honorable option you have. A thoroughly sincere and apologetic suicide note, expressing understanding and regret for what you’ve done, will also help leverage people’s forgiveness. Art for the purpose of marketing is such a gross, depraved perversion that rapists and pedophiles look down their noses at the practitioners of this profession. What is an art director but a failed artist with no vision of his own? What is a copy writer but an uninspired writer with no ambition? These are people who are professionally full of shit, parading around in a pretense of creativity. If you can find fulfillment in that, you need to run outside into the real world and ask the first person you see for help. There is no doubt that that person will have a fuller, deeper understanding of the meaning of life than you do. Even if that person is a child, their advice will be worthwhile.

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